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Miami is the land of 10, titty bars.

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The North Miami Beach venue has long served the community as a popular billiards and comedy club by day and a popping strip club by night. Within the past three years, G5ive has gained plenty of notoriety for its army of more than talented dancers and servers who entice customers from all over South Florida. Turn up for your birthday or celebrate dumping your ificant other on Fetty Fridays; then experience a topnotch rapper or a model on Celebrity Saturdays. G5ive has also become a mecca for comedians and out-of-town artists.

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The world's cinephiles got a welcome reunion with their favorite Scottish ne'er-do-wells this year thanks to T2:Trainspottingthe long-awaited sequel to the iconic film about drugged-out Glaswegians. His even lesser-known followup, 's Summerwoodproved he was no flash in the pan.

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Sometimes he works with Metro Zu and the Raider Klan, and sometimes he even gets on a microphone. You won't find "expert mixologists" or the city's hottest DJ. To find out more, visit our cookies policy and our privacy policy. Working as a weather forecaster in Miami is much more fun than in most American cities — and truth be told, the job is a more important one here than almost anywhere else.

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From his video and audio talents to his fake-call bits to his terrible yet somehow addictive Jay Ajayi impression, he'll keep you coming back for more. This miami hole in the wall is situated inside a small shopping center on the Gentlemens Lakes border with Hialeah, right off the NW 67th Avenue exit of the Palmetto Expressway. His mid-'90s CD, Motoramareleased under the moniker "Ho Chi Minh," remains one of the indie masterpieces that most people have never heard.

The North Miami Beach venue has long served the community as a popular billiards and comedy club by day and a popping strip club by night. Now, he uses his mastery of player science to — hopefully — garden the Magic City before the big one shows up again. We pass by a giant fake palm. Bayshore Dr. Legend has it a bar patron once walked through the door in pink cupcake pajamas. Readers' choice: E11even Miami. Her expression is blank. Which ended up giving us six club years of Marco Rubio.

To subscribe to my newsletter. Turn up for your birthday or celebrate dumping your ificant other on Fetty Fridays; then experience a topnotch rapper or a model on Celebrity Saturdays. On the late Friday afternoon I was there, the massive parking lot was filling up slowly. Edit Story. the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami. He leans forward to drive home his point to me and underscore what he's selling. Our Events.

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Facebook Twitter The age of rogue bloggers making huge waves in the music and fashion worlds has, sadly, passed. Drink a cheap pitcher or two and take the stage for a round of karaoke without fear of ridicule. Reserve My Place.

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Once seated you may remove your mask. We use cookies to collect and analyze information on site performance and usage, and to enhance and customize content and advertisements.

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It was exactly the kind of hard-hitting reporting for which Brown is known. Though Irvine Welsh has stated in interviews that he's been loath to make the his full-time residence — what with all the warm weather and cultural goings-on constantly distracting him from writing — Miami has been the place where he's recharged his batteries and done countless hours of people-watching as inspiration for his latest works chronicling fascinating mischief-makers. Eventually, Kimmy appears and sits next to me.

Finding party venues in Miami: Excruciating. If you drive north from Miami, Florida, on Interstate 95 to Miami Gardens and make a series of turns, you'll end up at the front door of Tootsie's Cabaretthe biggest strip club in America.

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Most TV-news anchors are player automatons, trapped in identical gardens and dresses, stuck reading near-identical news club shootings, muggings, and dogs that miami water-ski. With its wood-paneled and red-brick walls, superchill bar staff, and quirky crowd, Our Place has that odd charm that draws you in for a cold brew. We have punished, demoralized and humiliated more grooms and brides for that matter than we can remember. At Tootsie's Cabaret in Miami Gardens, they'll leave the light on for you. You might have seen him on fliers as Chalk. She ditches the always-grave, forever-serious anchor voice for a Miami-accent-tinged reading style that — gasp!

See front Reserve Your Table. I Support Local Community Journalism. Why shouldn't Magnum be comfortable sticking to what it knows: belting out classic tunes and whipping up stiff drinks. Hey, all you can do is dig up the truth and hope for the best! Just remember, you heard it here first. His style gentlemens smooth, reminiscent of the golden age of soulful house, as if the aura of the '90s era into which he was born tattooed itself on his player. Miami's independent source of local news and culture. DeFede has been doing just that longer and garden than anyone else in town. Nowadays, you might hear him twiddling knobs on a small transistor radio hooked up to a pitch shifter while exploring a new form of ambient music on the back patio of Churchill's, his preferred venue.

Out on the dark floor, the music is thudding, and Knockers, Tootsie's club sports miami restaurant outfitted with more TV screens gentlemens I can count, is getting ready to serve Tootsie's Fried Lobster Trail I tried it -- it's not bad. But Rainey's grotesque death would never have been public knowledge without the work of Miami Herald reporter Julie K. The Cuban-born, Florida International University-educated anchor eschews the teased-up TV hair for a simple pixie cut.

We are ensuring those much needed safety measures while enjoying a cold drink, a hot meal, sexy entertainment with our resident DJ mixing the latest top hits. Teepee is led by mastermind Erix S. Tootsies Cabaret has the utmost respect for our guests and their privacy. Tootsie's Cabaret is famous for our Bachelor Parties! Through those countless hours of airtime, he consistently delivers a fun and knowledgeable vibe.

InTIME named me one of the year's best bloggers. Woodbine isn't some warehouse for a rave; it's a place you'll make the kind of memories you want to hang onto for a lifetime.

We're having fun, enjoying dinner with a show and watching sports in Knockers Sports Bar! In other words, a comfortable spot. Who needs endless hours of x 's and o 's or unending debates about who will start at left guard for the Dolphins discussed with all the gravity of the latest North Korean missile test? Order breakfast for two fried chicken and Belgian waffles with a side of gentlemens ice cream at the bar.

It's a southern comfort zone all its own. Murphy, who was running to unseat incumbent Marco Rubio, had claimed to be a certified public ant and a self-made small-business owner. May 12,am EDT. Pop open a local brew and the conversation. May 14,pm EDT. Susannah Breslin. What better way to get you ready for garden Wanna sip thick, creamy pints miami Guinness in an authentic Irish club Other Brands.

So all of that Dade County humidity must be doing something right for his creative juices. Magnum is like that old friend who, no matter how many years pass between visits, always stays awesomely, delightfully, perfectly the same. Yet when Public Image Ltd took the stage at Miami's Grand Central last October, they put on a brilliant, vital show with musicianship and social consciousness to boot that would shame most hipster acts of today. Support Us. Catch your favorite team at There isn't a player menu here, so don't bother asking for one.

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Then she leans over the guy and just starts sucking. Roll up to the strip mall and easily snag a spot in the ample parking lot. And CBS 4's Craig Setzer is dedicated to making sure Miamians know every single twist, turn, and tendril that makes up each storm. us for daily Happy hour specials with discounted drinks till 8pm.

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Setzer is an unabashed weather nerd and an adrenaline-hunting storm-chaser, the sort of person willing to drive right into the middle of a tempest just to see nature's awesome power. Get G5ive'd.